LOOK How puppies can help with direct mail

Hallmark has launched a new campaign to promote the new HelloYou:) app. The app aims to integrate the online world with offline as it lets users create their own card on its mobile app and then deliver the hard copy of it straight to the recipient.

To drum up anticipation for the app, a campaign was created by Naked Communications. The five-week campaign will be driven by digital, PR and social media and the HelloYou:).

As part of the campaign, there will also be “Post Puppies” which will be in action between 21 July 2014 to 8 August2014. After users create their card, the dogs will help to deliver them to the recipient.

Check out how it works here:

The app is currently available on iPhone with Android launching later this year.

Estherina Daniel, head of brand at Hallmark Australia said: “We love this campaign because it tells the story of HelloYou:) perfectly. For Hallmark, HelloYou:) represents a step into the future and demonstrates how we are offering tools to help people express themselves on any occasion.”

Tristan Graham, creative director of Naked Melbourne said: “We knew that once Australians understood how the HelloYou:) app worked they would fall in love with it as quickly as we did. So we recruited the cutest, most share-worthy little team to spread the word for us – a team of puppies dressed as posties doing actual HelloYou:) deliveries.”


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