LOOK At one hair-riffic ad on an OOH platform

Savvy marketers are taking advantage of digital advancements in out of home media to create incredibly interactive ads.
Here's one that impressed us.

This digital subway ad was seen in Sweden for hair-care products Apotek. The OOH digital screen was modified days prior to the campaign launch with technology that was able to detect when trains entered the station.

Then the screens displayed a picture of a lady and just as the trains came in, the lady’s hair would appear windblown, just as passengers at the platform would.

Simple and playful, the ad blurred the boundaries between ad and consumer. The ad agency behind the campaign was Akestam Holst and the  production company Stopp.  A statement on its website said that while the original ad was set to be just a one-day stunt, Clear Channel liked it enough to keep it for five more days "as a way for them to show the opportunities their screens can offer."

Check out the hair-riffic ad below:

Wouldn't it be cool to see something like this on your way back on the SMRT?