Once Upon A Time, At IProperty…[GALLERY]

Once upon a time, iProperty Group gave Creative Juice an open brief to think differently for its brand, and Creative Juice visited a land far far away... at least that's what the campaign is based on.

Entitled "Happily Ever after Home", the concept that Creative Juice came up with is a Facebook campaign based on fairy tale.

Participants are required to create their own fairy tale from four stories, Hensem & Gatal,Rafunzel, Red Riding in da Hood and Jack & the Kacang Panjang, on its Facebook app along with a tiebreaker in a form of a slogan to win RM10,000 cash for their happily ever after homes.

With the campaign, iProperty targets young-minded people who spend time online and on social media, who might be potential users of iProperty to have an initial connection to the brand before deciding a home purchase.

"Through this campaign, we are now making it easy for Malaysians to own a home. We hope that with the cash prize, the winner of the contest can use it to either pay their monthly loan repayments or even use it for down payment for a new home. After all, happy endings are not just meant for fairy tales," said Becky Leng, chief marketing officer of iProperty Group.

The campaign comprises banners, radio spots, magazine posters and billboards.

Creative director of Creative Juice VJ Anand, told A+M that although the agency has done works for property developers, this is its first portfolio for property listings portal.

"We're very happy to work with iProperty because they had an interesting problem and needed a way to change the game up. We're glad that Becky had the guts to go out and do something different. We need more clients like that," added Anand.

Below are some of the print ads in this campaign.

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