LOOK Man takes out full page ad on #Brexit migration "rubbish"

Over the weekend, the talk around the town (and the world, to be honest) has been about Brexit. But here's one man who really felt very passionately for the matter.

In the UK, The Independent reported of a man named Laurence Taylor who took out a full page ad in the Metro newspaper to address the issue. According to the ad, Taylor paid for the spot out of his own pocket and used data from MigrationWatch and the Office for National Statistics to showcase how small the number of migrants coming into Britain really was.

Why? The ad has the answer to that too. Because he was "fed up with the rubbish being talked about immigration."

At the bottom of the ad, he said: "Vote remain or leave, up to you, but do it based on facts not fear :)"

Meanwhile, following the exit of Britain last week from the EU, with the majority vote coming in at 51.9%, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP said he was "very disappointed, but the electorate has spoken."

"The resulting uncertainty, which will be considerable, will obviously slow decision-making and deter activity. This is not good news, to say the least. However, we must deploy that stiff upper lip and make the best of it. Four of WPP’s top ten markets are in Western Continental Europe and we must build our presence there even further. It just underlines the importance of implementing our strategy: fast-growth markets (BRICs and Next 11), digital, data - and horizontality, which ironically means getting our people to work together, not apart!"

Meanwhile in a statement to Marketing, Nick Waters, APAC CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network echoed similar sentiments saying  there will be considerable volatility in financial markets in the immediate aftermath of Brexit.

"It will be a turbulent situation for some time, creating uncertainty which is bad for business. Sterling has already depreciated which will put the cost of imports up for UK consumers. Asian markets which have large export relationships with the U.K. will likely experience some slowdown in trade," he added.

Waters added general uncertainty around the world created by Brexit will be negative for business in the short term. The longer term consequences are not yet possible to forecast.