LOOK Lego gets kids to rebuild their ideal Singapore

As the nation’s biggest birthday celebration draws nearer, Lego Singapore decided that what the brand really wanted to highlight was the Singaporean ‘Kampung Spirit’ – the spirit of mutual consideration engrained in Singapore.

According to Lego Singapore, this is a trait the city shares with Lego brand – a brand that hopes to encourage everyone to create and share a home full of joy through play. With the idea of mutual consideration, for the environment and future generations in mind, Lego Singapore teamed up with creative innovation network iris, on a social experiment called ‘Rebuild’.

‘Rebuild’ started with Lego enthusiasts in Singapore envisaging what the metropolis might look like in the next 50 years. Ideas ran from futuristic skyscrapers, dominating highways, to towering offices. The brand then asked the builders of tomorrow, the children, to ‘rebuild’ their ideal Singapore hope.

Get your tissues ready for what resulted:


“We saw what progress looks like through the eyes of six-year-old kids, what their dream city would be. It was fascinating to see what their priorities were for Singapore. Sometimes we might lose what is most important in the pursuit of development – spending time with loved ones, and taking care of our communities. That is what togetherness is all about, and that is what celebrating SG50 is all about,” Dan Luo, the country manager of Lego Singapore said.

“As a Singaporean born and raised, I’m proud to have witnessed the rapid progress made by our young nation. But beneath the sleek skyline of our metropolis are age-old values and characters that make a global city - home. Celebrations aside, we wanted to deliver a powerful reminder to fellow urbanites that even when we do arrive at SG100, some things should never be forgotten,” Ed Cheong, creative director at iris worldwide Singapore said.

The ‘Lego SG100- Rebuild’ Film is part of Lego Singapore’s SG50 ‘Rebuild Your Memories’ campaign. The campaign launched with Lego Singapore holding the Rebuild Your Memories Competition followed by the launch of the four Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds. The Lego SG50 Event saw the public participating in a live construction of an 8.5ft Dragon Playground made out of Lego bricks.

Campaign Credits:
Client: LEGO Singapore Pte Ltd
Senior Regional Brand Manager: Kevin Hagino
Senior Digital Marketing Manager: Ivan Zeng
Brand Manager: Low Wei Li
Creative Director: Ed Cheong
Creative Group Head: Shawn Foo
Senior Creatives: Sylvester Poh, Adam Yeo
Regional CEO: Luke Nathans
Senior Account Manager: Ashley Leong
Senior Account Executive: Sharon Chan
Planning Director: Adil Ismeer