LOOK Japanese eel farming ad comes under fire for sexist nature

A new video created to promote Shibushi city, Japan, as an eel farming haven has resulted in widespread outrage. Many netizens have criticised the ad for being sexist and “perverse”. The ad in question features a young girl in a black one-piece swimsuit lounging around the pool. She is seen swimming and sunbathing at the side of the pool while eating.

It is later revealed that she is an eel as she peacefully rests on a bed of flames – alluding to grilled eel, which is a popular Japanese dish. She then dives into the pool as an eel, bidding a cheerful goodbye to viewers. The video then concludes with a statement saying, “We’re farming (eels) with care.”

This is the strange ad:

In a statement to AFP, a local official from the city of Shibushi said that the organisation was aware that people were offended at the ad, which was deemed demeaning to women. The video has since been pulled from the original source.

“We just wanted to make a video that simply explains the city is known for eel farming,” the official added to AFP.

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