LOOK Indian tea company sends Trump tea to make him "smarter"

A Calcutta-based Indian company, Te-a-me has pulled out a massive trump card, sending the highly polarising US Presidential candidate Donald Trump 6000 bags of its Assam green tea.

In the two minute video, the company said it decided to send four years of goodness straight to Trump Tower. The message from the company said:

“Dear Mr. Trump, we are sending you lots and lots of natural green tea. It fights against harmful free radicals and helps purify mind and body…It is also proven to make people smarter. Please, Mr. Trump, drink the tea. For your sake. For America’s sake. For the world’s sake. ”


Whether he will drink the tea or not is still unknown but it has definitely put the 70-year old Indian company on the map. Since posting the video on its Facebook page, the company has gotten over 42k reactions and over 38,000 shares.

The company has also been making headlines globally being covered on many major news sites such as The Independent, The Guardian, Quartz and many others.

Te-a-me comes from Madhu Jayanti, an Indian manufacturer of value-added tea products. The 70-year old company has decades of experience in providing fine teas to millions of tea lovers across 42 countries. A dedicated team of 2000 professionals across 15 global locations work tirelessly to bring “flavour to the world”.