LOOK How MTR “draws” safety awareness

In line with its brand philosophy "Caring for life's journeys", MTR has launched a campaign "The ‘art' of taking escalators", to deliver messages on escalator safety.

The campaign features an animated video that combines drawings by local artist Ross Sit with music performed by local band "My Little Airport", as well as posters featuring characters from the video scattered around MTR stations.

"The campaign's creative approach works in line with our goal to be ‘Caring for life's journeys' as the local music and humorous animation resonate with our local customers, and play a big part in delivering our messages to raise awareness on escalator safety more effectively," said Jacqueline Tong, head of branding of MTR Corporation Limited.

"The lively Hong Kong style animation appeal to all age groups. Creating a video and posting on digital platforms aims to help boost safety awareness and to help MTR engage with our customers without time and location limit," she added.

Sit also commented on the illustration: "No small detail should be overlooked and in that way it is very similar to behaving safely. There is a wonderful connection there."

Apart from MTR YouTube channel, facebook, and its official website, the video will also be shown on trains and in station concourses over the coming month.

Watch the video here.

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