LOOK How a funny cutesy tutorial chalked up 92,000 views in one day

Micro-movies may have opened up new ways for brands to reach younger audiences, but what's the trick to keeping them engaged for more than four-minutes?

This LG Electronics' video, which chalked up nearly 92,000 views on YouTube a day after launch, may have the answer.

LG Popo, meaning “cuddling” in Cantonese, is a pocket photo printer which allows instant mobile printing, targeting teens.

To highlight LG Popo positioning - embrace the precious moments, the clip, jointly created by Secret Tour Hong Kong and celebrity YouTuber Bomba (笨吧), humorously demonstrates a set of six entertaining cuddling ideas to back the product, which only appears at the last 30 seconds in the four-minute long film.

Stephen Chung, director of Secret Tour Hong Kong, said the video is a response to what it calls "Beauty beggar", a media phenomenon referring to beauty bloggers who receive samples and sponsors in hard sell make-up videos.

"In this viral video, we put priority on entertaining our audience with unbranded content, then to sell the product."

"This kind of viral video would be more effective as long as the content is entertaining enough to pique viewers' interest to the product, even with limited exposure."

Running until September, the campaign will also include online ads and in-store activities under the same theme.

Client: LG Electronics - Rico Wong, Stephanie Chan, Nicole Wong
Creative agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong
Creative director: Jennifer Yip, Stephen Chung
Art director: Susan Chan, Chloe Ng
Copywriter: Dorothy Wong
Production: BOMBA