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[LOOK] Grafitti models as breast cancer survivors

Ever since Angelina Jolie opted for a double mastectomy to lower her chances of suffering from breast cancer and made a public announcement, mastectomies have become less of a taboo and personal subject.

In fact, mastectomies can be beautiful,  even in the most unconventional of mediums.

In a campaign by JWT for São Paulo-based AC Camargo Cancer Centre to raise awareness for the destructiveness of breast cancer and the benefits of early detection, graffiti painted topless women are featured around the city, covering on breast with a customised stickers that replicate the look of a mastectomy.

The images are accompanied with this message: Every woman can be a victim of breast cancer.

This eye-popping, virtually arresting execution is a refreshing departure from the usual weepy tales we see in the Asian market.

What do you think?

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