LOOK Free beer for doing nothing

It's common for brands to ask you to take on a challenge and reward you with a free product in return but this beer brand has turned the game upside down- get rewarded for doing nothing.

Dutch beer brand Amstel has launched Amstel Pause, an installation in a busy Bulgarian street that asks people to do nothing and be rewarded with a cold beer in return.

The brand noticed that working professionals in Bulgaria are always in a hurry and rarely take a break.

To solve this, a special vending machine was installed in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, to surprise professionals on their way to work from 4pm-9pm.

Those who succeeded in doing nothing for three minutes were rewarded a cold beer.

The vending machine was fitted with a timer, bell and camera to detect if they tried to do other things within the three minutes given.

The campaign was executed by advertising agency Next-DC.

Watch the full video here.

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