LOOK A douchebag test for creative directors

It's no secret that creative directors are famous for saying the darnest things.
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Granted, not all of them are guilty, but the makers of this snarky site Creative Directors Douchebag Detector Device obviously thought there were enough of them to make this for.

The site asks you to run a test on your boss or colleague, asking details such as age, previous title, often mentioned buzzwords ("advertising","360 storytelling" "subservient chicken"), where their awards are placed and more to calculate the type of creative director douchebag they are.

"This state-of-the-art-futuristic-hi-tek-gismo will calculate the potential DBAG risk of that overly paid Creative Leader," the device's makers say. "Simply adjust the dials and toggle the knobs to the exact specifications you are looking for in said Creative Leader and…. Beep! Boop! Beep! DING! You will know with 99.997% accuracy whether the Creative Leader you want to hire has real potential … to be a complete Dill Weed," says the inviting opener on the site.

Anyone up for the test?