LOOK Dolfenal shows hilarious ways to distract yourself from body aches

Grimacing faces are out in Unilab’s newest campaign for painkiller brand Dolfenal that teaches hilarious ways on how to distract oneself from body aches.

Called #LagingGoodVibes, it is comprised of three videos made by creatives from Ogilvy & Mather, starring funny man Ramon Bautista and Youtube sensation and actress Ashley Rivera.

In her online alter ego Petra Mahalimuyak, Rivera made two 3-minute tutorials how to dance and take selfies while in pain – with hysterical results.

Bautista joins Rivera in the final mash-up jingle video, both impersonating music icons like Aqua, Lady Gaga and even a believable version of Gotye.

Vanessa Roño (left), assistant product manager for Dolfenal, shared with Marketing that the campaign is an online exclusive promoted via Unilab’s social media assets.

“We are not planning to bring this campaign to radio or TV since our target audience are actually not there.”

She explained that the online focus is partly meant to present Dolfenal to younger audiences who now have digital lifestyles revolving around the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

“Radio and TV are quite passive and you don’t have the change to interact with your customers. Definitely social media is one of our tools… giving out tips, unlike a 30-second ad where you really can’t explain in detail.”

The latest campaign revives Unilab’s comical approach with Dolfenal, says Roño, referring to a 2005 campaign featuring “The King of Comedy” Dolphy himself – uttering the lines “laughter is not always the best medicine.”

“Compared to other brands, I believe Dolfenal is the only one that has this happy personality. We are talking about intense pain, but it doesn’t necessarily need to show people in pain all the time.”

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