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LOOK DOH teen pregnancy video calls youth “gaga” and “bobo”

A new music video released by the Department of Health (DOH) about sexual abstinence among teens have hit a nerve with netizens with its allegedly insensitive lyrics.

The three minute online music video turned out to be more provocative than preventive with it began with the demeaning lines “gaga girl” and “bobo boy,” which roughly translates to stupid girl and boy. It was posted on DOH’s Facebook page yesterday, 30 November.

The video ends with a message from DOH undersecretary Jeanette Garin, revealing that the video is in fact part of the department’s “Ang Planadong Buhay ay Maayos na Buhay” campaign.

The DOH promptly removed the original video as soon as it hit online. However, a copy of the video was uploaded by When in Manila on YouTube now doing the rounds on the web.

In addition to asking why scantily-clad cheerleaders were even considered for a teen pregnancy video, netizens pointed out that the song has an uncanny resemblance to Rum Pum Pum Pum a pop song by South Korean girl group f(x). Kpop ripoff? You be the judge.


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