[LOOK] Consumer buys ad - to complain about brand

In an unexpected turn of events, one disgruntled consumer has bought a Promoted Tweet to complain about his experience with British Airways.

Frustrated by his luggage being lost, Twitter user Hasan Syed bought a promoted tweet to complain about his father's lost luggage, reported Mashable.

Syed, who uses the handle @HVSVN, told Mashable that he bought the tweet in the New York City and UK markets Monday night and used Twitter's self-serve ad platform to buy the tweet.

Here's how it looks:

Picture from Mashable

Syed has continued in a series of frustrated rants on his account in tandem with his "campaign".

While the airline has taken a fair few hours to respond, the issue has been tweeted and posted on quite a few publications already, as well as garnered a pool of other disgruntled British Airways customers on Syed's Twitter page.

Talk about the consumers biting back on social media - this is one unusual instance.

Brands, you have been warned.