[LOOK] Cinema makes ad blunder for Thor movie

Recently, we’ve been seeing a few innovative marketing campaigns for movies pulling in quite a bit of attention. (Read: [WATCH] Scary Carrie plays a prank and [LOOK] Would you run an empty ad?)

However, in a strange turn of events,  a recent blunder for the movie “Thor: The Dark World” also got an unexpected marketing boost to the movie.

A cinema in Shanghai apparently decided to use its own poster rather than one provided by Marvel Studios. According to Wall Street Journal's blog, the poster was picked up from an online community of fans of the two actors. It seems the image had been photoshopped as a prank.

The photo shopped poster shows the brothers snuggled in a tender embrace, which has no relation to the actual movie plot. The image has sparked many comments on Weibo, said the Wall Street Journal's blog.

The cinema apologized on its verified Weibo account, saying the poster has been removed.