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The internet has been besotted with a new earworm by Piko-Taro, a fictional character created and played by Kazuhiko Kosaka, a Japanese comedian.

Called “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”, the somewhat nonsensical song features Kosaka dressed in a yellow animal print get up as he dances along to a catchy beat. Its hard to explain, but you’ve got to hear it for yourself.

While the video quietly launched a month ago, it garnered global traction following 9GAG article.  Since then the gathered 8,795,285 views on YouTube, sparking parodies worldwide from celebrities. Meanwhile, stars like Justin Bieber to showed love for the spot.

Warning: This is actually addictive –

The hashtag #PPAP quickly became the next trending topic and brands in Singapore and Malaysia have not been slow to take notice. Here are some brands who were quick to take note:

Tesco Malaysia

When you talk about Apples and Pineapples, surely the thought of a supermarket isn’t far off. Tesco Malaysia was quick to showcase its supermarket and produce variety. The spot featured a bespectacled Tesco employee starting his dance to the song at the stationery section of the supermarket with – surprise surprise – a pen. The frame then cuts to the fruit section where he holds up an apple, followed by a pineapple, doing the signature pen in fruit motion and then breaking into an awkward dance.

The video concludes with a twist when a shopper takes the fruit from the employee’s hands and places it in her basket.The spot has gained 48,957 views, 704 reactions and 488 shares at the time of writing. Watch it here:


To promote its stable of shows, Netflix pieced together clips from its programmes Narcos, House of Cards, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, in sync with the song. The short 18-second clip also features scenes from the iconic Spongebob Squarepants.

At the time of writing, the video got 15,568 views, 130 reactions and 39 shares on its Facebook page.


Cashing in on the hype is Huawei, which took an opportunity to allude that the best pairing with a pen is not fruit but rather its Matebook product. Featuring GIF images of an apple, a pineapple the Huawei Matebook is featured along with its accompanying stylus pen. The post said:

“This pen is paired best with its mate.”

The Body Shop Malaysia

The Body Shop Malaysia took on a more subtle approach, taking the opportunity to promote its Pinita Colada body care range. Its Facebook post garnered 160 reactions at the time of writing.


Meanwhile, convenience store 7-Eleven pitted the Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen against one another in its social media activation. The post asked social media users and fans if they were “Are you #TeamPineapplePen or #TeamApplePen?”

The effort garnered 1,400 reactions, 45 shares and 46 comments with netizens choosing their side of the debate.

Noticed any other brands giving a go at #PPAP? Let us know.

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