LOOK BBH and Nike create a shoe shaped running track in Asia

Nike has created an Unlimited Stadium campaign in the Philippines which is created with the help of BBH Asia Pacific.

The Unlimited Stadium is shaped as a 100-metre sole print of the Nike Lunar Epic – a newly launched Nike Running footwear innovation.  In collaboration with expert partners, BBH conceptualised the stadium from strategy and creative concept to the stadium architecture and overall user experience.

Fusing the virtual and physical worlds, the stadium features a 200-metre running track lined with LED screens, where up to 30 runners at a time are invited to engage in a virtual race against avatars of themselves.

After setting their pace in the first lap, a full size avatar (or ghost runner) of themselves appears on the screens. Through a series of challenges centred around time and distance, runners are encouraged to keep beating their avatar, who in turn responds to their performance, pushing them beyond their limits.

Launched last week, the experience will also track the total distance all runners complete over 17 days. The Unlimited Stadium launch is part of Nike's Unlimited campaign, celebrating the spirit of breaking limits.

Meanwhile the brand has also launched the "Unlimited Will" campaign which is the final installment of the Unlimited campaign which celebrates everyday and champion athletes who regularly push their limits. Check it out: