Look Back is marketing in disguise

In the digital world, content drives ranking and advertising agencies are fine tuning their content offerings as a strategy to rope in clients.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B brands and 90% of B2C brands are using content marketing to educate their audiences.

Once content is developed, the second and most important step is getting that content distributed as widely as possible.

For brands tapped into content marketing, 90% of audiences digesting the content say they find it useful with 78% of respondents believing that brands which provide content care more about building a relationship with them.

Globally, marketers and agencies are using social media as their primary medium for content distribution.

More recently Facebook released its Look Back videos in conjunction with its 10 year anniversary.

Look Back allowed users to click and view a one-minute long video, accompanied by music that strikes a sentimental chord, of the person's life on the social media platform.

But it’s more than just nice images overlayed with great music, the videos also serve as a co-creation marketing tool.

Brilliant marketing is subtle marketing and co-creation techniques are fast become a smart tool.