LOOK Are you man enough?

Men, I know buying sanitary pads for your girlfriend can be quite an uncomfortable situation. But Kotex is trying to make things a little easier.

To encourage more men to be comfortable with the idea of buying sanitary pads for their girlfriends or spouses, Kotex has released a new spot featuring one such brave soul to showcase its latest Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin product.

The spot kicks off with a man getting a text from his girlfriend (“Bae”) requesting for some sanitary pads. He is then seen looking a little lost at the isle containing all the different varieties. He then comes across a display showcasing the new Kotex pads and marvels at how soft it is.

He then imagines using the pads for better grip while lifting weights, inserted into socks during sport and even wrist rests while using the keyboard. He is then seen back in real life rubbing the display sample on his face, only to be noticed by two ladies.

The funny twist is how comfortable he is with the situation, admitting that the product is soft, only to be agreed with by the ladies who said “softer than cotton”.

Since its launch last Tuesday, the post has garnered 79,784 views, 320 shares and 398 reactions on Facebook at the time of writing.

The social campaign also features a hilarious text conversation between a couple faced with the same situation. In this scenario, the boyfriend tries his best to pick the right pad product for his girlfriend, risking scrutiny from a five year old child. For this post, the hashtags #RelationshipGoals and#RealMenBuyPads are also used.

This post garnered 26,000 views, 69 reactions and 15 shares at the time of writing.