LOOK Apple’s Metal Mastery

Apple has launched an aesthetic-focused advertisement for its gold iPhone 5s to the tune of Goldfrapp’s Ooh La La.

The commercial starts with a closeup view of a chunk of gold that slowly begins to melt, pouring, flowing and combining into parts that make up the gold iPhone 5s. Claiming meticulous craftsmanship, the ad highlights the smartphone’s volume buttons, the ring around the fingerprint sensor button and the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

The advertisement is depicting the iPhone 5s as the expensive and decadent member of the family. Jokingly referred to as “the Kardashian phone” the gold iPhone 5s is sold out online and at many retail locations in the United States.

Apple is no stranger to unconventional advertisement that sets new standards in the way technology is advertised.

What do you think of their approach?

iPhone 5s will be available in Malaysia starting 1 November 2013.


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