LOOK 7 ways ST got hilarious on Twitter with its weather updates

We all know weather updates can get pretty boring online without the help of gorgeous weather girls (and boys!). But that is not something which has stopped @STcom, The Straits Times' Twitter platform for getting its news of the weather out.

The social media team decided to take on a more casual approach when announcing dreary weather updates. The results were fabulous.  Here's what we deduced about the social media person/persons.

1. The poster was likely a fan of Star Wars.

2. And also of Rihanna's song "Umbrella".

3. He/she/they definitely had a penchant for puns.

4. And a good sense of humour.

5. A really good one.

6. But one thing is for sure, the persona behind the weather update seems like a pretty chirpy person.

7. And feels more like a friend telling you about the weather.

A quick check by Marketing found that this was not always the case with ST's weather updates. And things were previously a little more serious.

ST weather update

But one thing's for sure, Twitter users are loving the person behind these hilarious weather updates. We're still waiting to hear back from SPH on what spurred the creativity.

But meanwhile, kudos to SPH and The Straits Times for making us laugh...come rain or shine.

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