Jewellery brand Carrie K. taps on morse code to elevate product personalisation

Local jewellery brand Carrie K. has unveiled a new Code collection, which allows consumers to customise messages in morse code. Each letter is represented by the universal morse code in diamond dots and dashes, and the collection includes rings, bracelet, bangles and necklace designs. 

The Carrie K. Code collection comes as the brand see a growing demand for personalised, precious reminders of loved ones that are discreet, timeless yet unique, said founder Carolyn Kan. "The idea of jewellery with secret letters in diamond dots and dashes came about when we noticed the popularly of wearing jewellery with initials. Building on that, we sought to create a timeless, discreet way to wear your loved one’s initial. And we liked the idea that it was a little secret that only you and your inner circle knew," she said. The collection was also born out of another shopping trend Carrie K. observed: that customers buying less and trading up to buy more valuable fine jewellery that has intrinsic value.

As such, the Code collection lets consumers embed their secret language of love in a range of designs that appeal to different ages. This makes it suitable for marking various life’s milestones such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. While its core target audience for this collection are boyfriends and husbands searching for highly-personalised gifts, Carrie K is also looking to appeal to women in their late 20's and early 30's who are decision makers when it comes to selecting couple or wedding jewellery. 

carrie k morse code 3

carrie k morse code 3

The idea of incorporating morse code onto its jewellery pieces is not new to Carrie K. In 2015, the brand launched a Morse Bling collection featuring morse code diamond dots and dashes on fine gold and silver rings. The collection remains one of Carrie K.’s most popular design, which saw the brand expanding its best-seller concept to a bigger range of designs such as bracelets and necklaces. 

Aside from targeting couples, Carrie K. is also looking to cater to families with its new collection. It currently offers a Code Link necklace (pictured below) where initials of family members can be engraved on it. While a bracelet can only fit up to four letters, a necklace can fit as many letters as the consumer wishes, so consumers can create a family necklace featuring all their family’s initials. Furthermore, as Carrie K noticed that more consumers are looking to purchase jewellery pieces that may be passed down as meaningful, modern heirlooms, the Code Link necklace is also designed as ideal present for new mothers. According to Kan, it is intended to be gifted to mothers featuring her baby’s initial. The necklace may later be gifted to the child when he or she comes of age. 

"We hope to create jewellery that become future heirlooms. Hence, the designs need to embed meaning, but at the same time be timeless enough for mum’s to love and for their children to covet. It is our desire for Carrie K. to become the modern family jeweller that has multi-generational appeal through our meaningful jewellery that convey one’s life story," Kan explained. Through this collection, Carrie K, aims to start its relationship with its consumers as they get engaged, and then continue the relationship to mark other significant moments and milestones in their journey. 

Since the collection launched, Kan told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that the brand has seen 30% higher appointment requests to view the collection. To further promote the newly-launched product line, Carrie K. Code collection was also introduced via social media, email marketing and PR. This will be followed by influencer marketing, and targeted brand partnerships, according to Kan.

She added: "Carrie K. jewellery marries meaningful stories with artful craftsmanship. So all our designs, be it bespoke, customised or ready-to-wear designs, all have a meaningful story hidden in it. For example, our versatile, stackable Star collection inspired by the star motif often woven in to the Malay songket, represents our Singapore “kampong spirit” that weaves together our community. This collection is a reminder of our special Singapore spirit which I hope we will never forget."

Established in July 2009, Carrie K. currently has three outlets in Singapore. The brand's mission is to create meaningful jewellery that brings personal stories to life. "Jewellery is probably one of the best communication posters. Interesting jewellery are often conversation starters for the wearer to convey the story imbued in the design. And that is why all our designs have a story to tell," Kan said. 

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