Local brands that penetrated the global market

A recent survey by The American Journal of Scientific Research has revealed that 75% of Malaysians in the middle to upper-class brackets are loyal to locally produced brands.

Here are the top four brands that penetrated into the overseas market and seeing significant growth.


The Malacca grown company is better known for its consumer goods brands that fall under the Mamee Double Decker umbrella. In 2012, Mamee secured a marketing deal with professional football team, Manchester United.

Paul Kang, venture capital company headland's senior partner said that when he saw Mamee secure a deal with Manchester United, it told them this is a company that clearly has ambitions of going somewhere. "The deal allows Mamee to leverage on Manchester United-related marketing, which has already been very successful in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand."

Mamee has more than 30% of share in the domestic snack and beverage market. It's flagship products include Mamee Noodles, Mister Potato and Nutrigen. Other notable brands in its family are Cheers, Starbucks Coffee (instant), Corntoz, Monster, Oriental Noodles and Hollywood Pulpy Orange.

Royal Selangor

This family owned earned international recognition for introducing innovative and novel designs to its pewter manufacturer and retail business. To date, it is the world's largest tankard, exporting to countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, Japan and Canada.

Since its formation in 1885, it has grown to include thousands of tableware, gift items, and home accessories. Royal Selangor distributes to over 40 shops worldwide and has royal endorsement from the country.


Started as a private listed company in the 1980', the company went publicly listed within a decade and currently holds a sum of 35% and 40% market shares in Malaysia and Singapore, respectively. Bonia is best recognised as a high-street product locally; however, overseas, the brand specialise in leather goods which has seen expansion in Hong Kong, Thailand, New York, Tokyo, London and the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

Munchy Food

Commonly known as Munchy's, the snack manufacturing company has distribution channels in over 60 countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan–to name a few.

Karen Tan, Munchy's administration manager said, "No doubt that Malaysians enjoy tucking into local fare, and we're not coy about promoting our passion for food abroad."

Well known brands under the Munchy's ownership are Cream Crackers, Sugar Cracker, Vege Cracker, Marie, Yosss, Captain Munch, Krunch, Muzic, Lexus and Assorted - Topmix and Funmix.

OldTown White Coffee

Originated from Ipoh, the kopitiam-style restaurant has now franchised to over 200 cafes across Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore and China. The brand is also exporting to countries such as Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Between this year and next, the brand plans on expanding further to boost productivity, in which includes consolidating all manufacturing and food processing facilities under one roof. In 2012, half of the revenue profit for the company came from overseas marketing, reflecting its international recognition.

“To keep up in this ever-changing industry, OldTown White Coffee will continue to work on its expansion plans in the coming year to expand our regional base,” said Lee Siew Heng, group managing director of OldTown White Coffee.

Brands that fall under the label are OldTown White Coffee 3, Nan Yang 2 in 1 roasted White Coffee, and OldTown White Coffee can drink.