livi bank looks for shopping gurus, offers rebates in latest campaign

As customers are changing their spending habits amid the pandemic, brands have been finding new ways to engage them along their online shopping journey. To meet the their demand and seize the e-commerce boom stemming from the pandemic, livi bank launched a two-phase campaign in March with promotional offers running until the end of May.

On 1 March, the virtual bank introduced an online shopping cashback of 8% for livi bank's new virtual debit Mastercard users as the first phase of the campaign, allowing customers to enjoy the digital convenience of contactless payments. The bank's customers will be able to get instant access to their digital Mastercard debit card after signing up through their liviSave account. It gives them the card information necessary to make secure online transactions right away, and a one-tap option also enables them to add their new virtual card to their mobile wallets.

"We have seen today’s consumers moving away from using physical cards to the more convenient, hygienic and flexible digital cards. Our recent consumer survey has shown a rise in digital adoption over the past year, with more than half of the consumers saying their online shopping increased, and 85% saying that they will maintain this shopping trend going forward," said Michelle Chan, director of marketing, business development and innovation at livi bank.

After launching the promotional offers, livi bank rolled out the second phase of the campaign, Online Shopping Gurus Challenge, in mid-March, offering the 1,000 highest spenders cash rebates up to HK$8,000 within the campaign period until the end of May.c013 central livi bankTo further engage the public, livi bank has leveraged PR, online ads and social media in the first phase of the campaign. In the second phase, OOH ads with creative location-based content were rolled out to further drive awareness. Six bus shelters across residential, business and shopping areas have been redesigned to address different spending scenarios, including online shopping at home and ordering food delivery in the office. 

Meanwhile, the bank has also featured ads on the exterior of trams to highlight the Online Shopping Gurus Challenge as if the tram is searching for the gurus on the road. Looking forward, livi bank is lining up with its merchant partners to get their support on promoting the campaign on their websites and communication materials.livi bank tram“As the pandemic pushes a rapid and lasting shift to e-commerce and contactless payments, consumers are looking for faster, safer, more convenient and now cleaner solutions while shopping. Mastercard continues to drive the development of e-commerce by collaborating with livi bank, a virtual bank that shares the same vision of bringing extraordinary online shopping experience to Hong Kong consumers’ everyday lives through fast, seamless, safe and secure digital payments," commented Helena Chen, managing director, Hong Kong and Macau, Mastercard.

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