Beyond just public relations #PRAsia2017

There is the famous saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but the same cannot be said for the public relations (PR) professional of today who have to be a “master of all”. With rapid advancements in technology and media consumption, the scope of work for PRs today has drastically evolved.

The role of the modern day PR person has changed, going far beyond media relations, from analytics reporting to content strategy and social media. More and more, PR players need to be more than gatekeepers or fire fighters, and instead be the ones consulted to spot potholes before the launch of a campaign.

With shrinking marketing budgets, PRs also need to be the ones able to come up with creative ideas, solid execution and be able to create waves in the communities of consumers they are looking to target. As the role of a PR continues to grow, so goes their capacity to influence both inside and outside the organisation.

In this year’s fifth installment of PR Asia, we work to take you through the latest developments in the communications line you need to know to stay ahead. From PR metrics to live video, influencers to content amplification strategies, the talking points are endless. Through the insights of various marketers, we look to show how you can perfect your digital pitches and improve your ability to demonstrate business value in your company.

So join us in our discussion by following the live conversations which are happening here:

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