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'Keep it real, keep it interesting': Lisa Ortner-Ghouze on podcasting in a crowded space

'Keep it real, keep it interesting': Lisa Ortner-Ghouze on podcasting in a crowded space

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Podcasts have perked the interest of marketers in recent years. More specifically, 49% of marketers expect increased spending on the medium.

In Singapore, 37% expect a significant increase in ad spend over the same period, highlighting a continued and growing recognition of the value of podcast advertising within this emerging market. 

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After all, podcasts are an important channel particularly when they are done well, according to Lisa Ortner-Ghouze, global head of marketing for financial markets at Standard Chartered. 

"Podcasts are another medium for getting content out in the market. If done well, they should feel like a relaxed dinner conversation," said Ortner-Ghouze. 

The global head of financial markets added that podcasts are part of a broader mix as it helps to appeal to people who like to listen to information rather than reading about it. 

As marketers we have to be open and mindful that we all consume content in different ways.

In fact, according to a 2023 study commissioned by Acast, it was found that in Singapore alone, there are a million listeners and that 93% embrace podcasts in their daily routine. This easily positions it as one of the most influential media channels in the country.

Standing out in a saturated space

Moving into 2024, Ortner-Ghouze said there will be more podcasts to come, with new ones potentially popping up and fading again. This is especially since it takes a lot of time and effort to keep producing. 

She added that consumers and marketers alike might see B2B brands taking off in the podcast landscape this year too. 

"It’s hard. In any form of content that you produce whether it's a podcast, article, or video, everyone is on the search for the ‘white’ space. And honestly, I don’t think it exists," said Ortner Ghouze. 

Podcasts are particularly appealing because it is a digestible way of bringing whatever topics a brand decides to share to its consumer. 

How you can stand out is by keeping it real, keeping it interesting.

Aside from keeping it interesting, Ortner-Ghouze added that clear plans are required for a podcast to sustain itself in a saturated space. 

"You need to have a clear editorial plan and commit to a certain frequency, Of course the topics need to be relevant to the audience you are trying to target and provide some fresh insights," said Ortner-Ghouze. 

"When it comes to saturated topics, find the angle that works for your brand, something that your consumers haven’t thought about." 

One example she gave was when her team produced a podcast about seaweed as a potential game changer in the realm of climate change. 

The episode was based on research into the economics of seaweed, how marketers could scale it up, and how it is used around a range of products in the market.

"This fresh angle made people go: 'Huh that’s interesting, we never really thought of that'. This is how you stand out from the crowd. Give them something interesting and a fresh angle on a topic that is talked about a lot," explained Ortner-Ghouze.

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