Link launches campaign to recognise tenants' outstanding services

Link Asset Management Limited (Link) has launched a campaign enabling the public to recognise outstanding service from staff of Link’s tenants.

The campaign is named "LIKE Link’s Shops Staff”. All the staff working in the shops of any Link’s shopping centres or fresh markets are entitled to participate and receive “Likes” from the public on the Park & Dine app. Regular customers, visitors, and other members of the public can then give “likes” to recognise the efforts of staff.

Running until 6 January, the campaign offers 130 prizes in total of up to HK$10,000 to the winners in three categories, including 10 gold prizes , 20 silver prizes and 100 bronze prizes. Tenants with high participation will be recognised as a Super Shop, and even members of the public will receive a gift for participation if they “like” at least five staff.

Link has also launched a TV ad featuring Carlos Chan to promote the campaign. Taking on the role of a staff member, Chan showcased the attentive care and excellent service.

"We welcome every service staff who works for tenants within Link’s shopping centres to participate. This campaign gives us an opportunity to show appreciation for all that tenants and their staff do to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to our customers, and helps Link build a closer relationship with our tenants,” Hilda Wong, Link’s head of customer experience management, concluded.