Lingnan University brings info day online with fun elements

The information day is a crucial event for DSE school students in Hong Kong to know more about everything about universities, from majors to the daily lives of university students. To engage potential students in a fun way, Lingnan University has rolled out an interactive campaign with multiple touchpoints.

The university has transformed the common physical information day or the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) website into a virtual tour on social media to give secondary students a preview of university life.

Kicking off the campaign is a gamified virtual experience. Guided by virtual university student characters, throughout the game, students can receive information related to programmes, Lingnan university’s values and uniqueness, and have a better understanding of the university.

Apart from the game, Instagram stories, Facebook content, vlogs and interviews were leveraged to share the real life yet fun experience in Lingnan University, such as check-in hot spots, food searches, and interviews with Lingnan University students.

lingnan university ig

DSE students could share their opinions or ask questions through Instagram’s built-in functions including polling, quizzes and questions. All these interactions were aimed at building stronger ties with DSE students and driving them to visit the campaign site.

The campaign website featured concrete information that acted as a hub to house content from all platforms.

Instead of simply bringing it from physical to virtual, the university "breaks the norm and enhance the entire experience with gamification while showcasing the university’s uniqueness throughout the campaign. With challenges and excitement, we created proactive education and positive association, leaving a refreshed and uplifted impression on Lingnan University.” 



Client: Office of Communications and Public Affairs, Lingnan University
Director: M S Fung
Associate director : Carol Ho
Manager: Terry Liu
Senior communications and public affairs officer: Natalie Leung, Zelda Lau

Digital agency: CMRS Digital Solutions
Creative: Jeromy Wan, Gilbert Lai, Kelly Yip, Harley Tam
Account servicing: Roni Chik, Kenny Wong, Cade Lau, Chris Chu, Venus Chung