Lifestyle blogger sued by influencer network seeks crowdfunding for legal fees

Lifestyle blogger Ang Chiew Ting, affectionately known as “Bong Qiu Qiu” by her followers, has requested for crowdfunding in a bid to raise enough to fund the legal battle between her and her former influencer network Churp Churp, which is owned by Netccentric.

The news first surfaced in September when Ang addressed claims that she was being sued for breach of contract. Netccentric is known as the parent company of Nuffnang, which manages prominent influencers across different beats such as Xiaxue, Miss Tam Chiak and Jessica Tham to name a few.

In a new blog post yesterday requesting for crowdfunding, Ang explained her current financial status. While she places a disclaimer stating she is still able-bodied and is still currently working, raising capital for the legal battle has proven to be challenging.

“I do not ask for a single cent for myself to live, the money from crowdfund will not go to my personal expenses / expenditure, but i do really need help with the legal fees,” the blog post read.

According to a statement from Churp Churp, Ang entered an agreement with the agency in March 2013 where she agreed to have Churp Churp exclusively manage and negotiate all commercial deals involving her social media accounts. Since then, Ang had allegedly entered more than 30 commercial, advertising and promotional agreements with brands without Churp’s knowledge, approval and negotiation of said transactions.

In an initial blog post addressing the issue, Ang refuted allegations that she did not fulfil her obligations in her three year contract with Churp Churp. Reporting on the issue was Today, which said Ang is now countersuing on grounds of defamation, along with claims that the agency too breached their agreement with her.