Li TV switches on 24/7

LI TV Asia has switched on to provide 24 hours of content via Astro starting today, two years after its debut.

LI TV is aired 24 hours in its other markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Juliana Foo, director of LI TV Asia, tells A+M that when LI TV launched, Astro had wanted to try it out as a hybrid channel due to capacity limitations for HD channels at the time.

"We took up the opportunity because we were confident that if we continued to offer lifestyle content relevant to our Asian viewers, it will fuel the growing demand for our type of product offering, in turn leading to the need of having LI TV for 24 hours," said Foo.

With it now being aired around-the-clock in Malaysia, viewers will get to view more of its food shows under its LI Savour belt during prime time on weekdays.

"Being a trendsetter in Asian lifestyle, we were the first regional channel to showcase Korean food travelogues, which have proven to be very popular reflecting that the K-Pop wave has moved into the lifestyle TV space," added Foo.

LI TV will also be airing Yes Chef S2, the Korean version of Hell's Kitchen, along with strengthening the channel's local content offering to achieve long-term sustainability.

"We have doubled up the amount of airtime inventory for Malaysian advertisers, while viewing time on LI TV increases," said Foo.

It is currently in talks with advertisers within property development, consumer electronics and luxury lifestyle brands.

LI TV has rolled out ATL and BTL advertising alongside PR Initiatives to inform viewers of its new Astro broadcast channel number.