Leo Burnett launches P&G campaign

Leo Burnett has launched an online campaign for P&G’s new Tide Plus Liquid detergent in Vietnam. The campaign was launched for P&G to reach out to the Vietnamese market, through non-traditional mediums of advertising for laundry category.

The campaign features a series of webisodes which tells the story of a five-member laundry detergent “special task force” who rescue ladies of their laundry woes.

Each webisode features a real-life scenario faced by Vietnamese women surrounding their need for fast laundry solutions. In the first webisode, the story revolves around a young wife trying to win the heart of her mother-in-law. Tapping into the insight that Vietnamese women typically live in the house of her husband’s parents, this story resonates with the audience, albeit with a light-hearted approach.

In the second webisode, the group was transformed as stars of a Korean drama series to fill in the television episode that the protagonist missed because of her laundry chore. Dialogues of the script also injected trending languages with bits of current events, enhancing the comical aspect and relevance of each plot.

“The challenge was to captivate women’s attention from the overwhelming clutter of online advertising while reinforcing the new “cheeky” character of Tide brand. With the fun, entertaining viral approach that is unexpected from a laundry brand, this campaign has been gaining positive momentum in the market,” Samuel Yau, marketing manager at P&G Vietnam said.

Kate Bayona, head of digital in Leo Burnett Vietnam said: “The campaign is able to provide Vietnamese women comic relief from their painful household chores though the humorous branded content that resonates with their everyday life and for which they can relate to. From its launch, the webisodes are spreading online organically, surpassing the campaign’s initial expectations and generating countless favourable conversations about the brand in women’s social forums,”

All four weekly webisodes are available online via Tide VN’s YouTube channel. The campaign utilises YouTube, Facebook and Webtretho, the largest women social portal in Vietnam. A microsite is hosted in the portal for the campaign as well.

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