Lenovo puts co-creation on Facebook [LOOK]

Yesterday, Lenovo debut a digital campaign for its Yoga Tablet that doesn’t only show off design features but also involves the consumer.

Featuring street magician Hunny, the online videos invite people to choose various actions she can do simultaneously with the tablet: for example, brushing her teeth while dancing to an exercise video or watching a movie while doing chores.

Raymond Wong, social director of Razorfish (the agency in charge of the campaign), said the push is to mainly feature the versatility of the tablet.

“The product is very suitable for multi-tasking; and Hong Kongers are always multi-tasking. So how we thought to execute this was to allow consumers to have some choice,” he said.

This involvement of the consumer is the key to winning millennials’ hearts, said Cecila Chan, ex-director of Lenovo Asia Pacific and current director of Lenovo Asia Pacific THINK marketing.

“Millenials are highly flexibile and constantly curious; they are also tech-savvy, positive, confident and always want to be in power. As such, we need to make them part of the process in any campaign that we do and build a platform to let them ‘co-create’ the consumer experience,” she said.

“Today, we should be thinking less about the story we are trying to tell about the brand itself, but rather the story others will tell about it – the sharable story.”

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