LEGO launches surprise LEGO-themed MTR express in Hong Kong

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of LEGO bricks, the brand has rolled out an MTR advertising campaign - Hong Kong’s first LEGO-themed express on the railway, from now until 15 August.  

The LEGO express is launched for the MTR Tsuen Wan line exclusively. The yellow train is fully decorated with classic LEGO red bricks and specially-designed for the 60th anniversary LEGO mini-figures, alongside other celebratory elements.

Troy Taylor, LEGO’s general manager for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan told Marketing Magazine, for the celebration this year, the brand developed a marketing campaign with local moments and content especially for Hong Kong. “We make sure it is fun and engaging.”

Apart from offline advertising, LEGO Hong Kong has also developed and launched the first Facebook LEGO-brick-themed filter, which was then rolled out to other countries across the world. Taylor said the launch was well received.