LEGO brings out of the world into the realm of social with Area 51 post

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Fans of extraterrestrials, this isn’t new to you. We all know the theories of UFOs crash-landing at Area 51 and being held captive by US military. Recently, there has been a significant buzz around aliens at Area 51 after a Netflix documentary by YouTuber and podcaster Joe Rogan in June discussed the topic.

This online chatter around raiding Area 51 to “free” aliens has reached the ears of LEGO, which then put up a post on Facebook that shows aliens made up of LEGO bricks in a room and are seen co-living together.

Taking a lead and scouting the location beforehand, The Lego Agency’s APAC team said in the post, “Don’t storm Area 51. We’ve checked, it’s all good ”. This comes after over a million users joined a Facebook event, calling on individuals to meet and raid Area 51, eventually releasing the captive aliens. Located in Nevada, Area 51 is a highly classified base under the surveillance of the United States Air Force.


In a statement to Marketing, Primus Nair, creative lead for The Lego Agency said LEGO is consistently relevant as a brand, with various possible ways audience can be engaged – be it about sports, science or aliens. He added that the social team, led by content strategist Samuel Lee, constantly monitors what is trending online and go from conception to posting within 24 hours. The post runs on LEGO’s official Facebook accounts in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. According to Nair, the team saw that the topic was trending highly in these three markets and decided to tap on the social buzz.

The Lego Agency’s APAC team are also the brains behind prior light-hearted and creative executions. Earlier this year during the hype around Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone, the team used LEGO bricks to form a Galaxy Fold model. In a Facebook post, the caption read, “A stunning 5-inch cover display unfolds into an 11-inch pop-up story book. For endless creative play that never runs out of battery.”