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Le Labo launches new ‘City Exclusive’ fragrance with Hong Kong scent

Le Labo has introduced the latest Hong Kong scent to its City Exclusive fragrance collection. Being the 13th edition of the Le Labo City Exclusives, the Hong Kong scent is named “Bigarade 18”, which is a tribute to the brand founder’s childhood memories in Hong Kong.

The brand described Bigarade 18 “as a rigid, yet comfortable, classic, yet contemporary, bright, yet long-lasting” fragrance, with 18 raw ingredients, including cedarwood, neroli and bergamot.

Eddie Roschi, Le Labo co-founder and perfume developer, was born in Grasse, the capital of perfumery, and raised in New York. He spent time in his childhood living in Hong Kong. Bigarade 18 is a tribute to his memories of the city.

“I have memories of strolling through the hallways of the Repulse Bay Hotel that were lined with fragrant lilies and citrus trees,” he said.

“I remember Hong Kong as new and full of endless discoveries and wanted to represent this in the scent. In developing Bigarade 18 for Hong Kong, I wanted to mix the old classicism of ‘old school’ ingredients, while making a scent that stayed contemporary and unforgettable; a tribute to my exposure and memories of Hong Kong, a mix of old and new.”

Founded in New York in 2006, Le Labo has 17 classic fragrances, and 13 additional “City Exclusive” scents.

The Hong Kong scent Bigarade 18 joins the collection of City Exclusive fragrances from Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow and Dubai. All City Exclusive fragrances are available globally only through the month of September, otherwise they are only sold in the city of origin.

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