No, laughing does not burn 139 calories [GALLERY]

A Coca-Cola advertisement called "Be OK", which featured ways to burn calories contained in a can of Coke through fun activities, was banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for its misleading claims.

The 33-second spot shows among the ways to lose 139 "happy" calories in a Coke can are "25 minutes of letting your dog be your GPS" and "75 seconds of laughing out loud".

With a growing concern for obesity, the initial idea of the ad was to portray that there are exciting ways to burn calories and how people can help manage their energy balance.

However, the ASA decided to ban the ad, as reported by Business Insider, the ASA noted that although there was a plus sign between each scene in the ad, intended to convey that the sum of all the activities would burn 139 calories, most viewers thought Coke was trying to tell them that each activity on its own would do the same.

The 33-second ad created by Publicis was first released in the US earlier this year.

Below are the images from the British version of the ad.

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