LANEIGE MY gamifies holiday campaign with personality quiz

LANEIGE is drumming up hype for its new Dream Bubble Holiday Collection with a game to help consumers figure out their travel personality. This is part of its overall LANEIGE holiday campaign which aims to increase footfall to stores and roadshows. The creative concept of the campaign also features bubbles to invoke top of mind recall for LANEIGE's latest collection.

A series of display and social media ads have been put in place to drive awareness and traffic to the game's microsite. Additionally, tactical promo ads are running on social platforms to share the different promotions for the holiday collection to boost purchase intent. The campaign is also supported by on ground events including a Dreamful Balloon Drop event and roadshows. The agencies involved are Kingdom Digital and Innity.

Chloe Chon, senior marketing executive at LANEIGE Malaysia, told A+M it is always looking for fun and interactive opportunities to connect with its customers. “This campaign is very relatable to our customers as the year-end holidays are often associated with vacations and gift-giving. Therefore, we hope to engage with our customers and get to know them better as they discover their travel personality and ideal holiday to unwind through the Dreamful Holiday campaign," she added.

In a statement to A+M, Kingdom Digital's senior digital account manager, Lim Tan Ting, said the idea for the Dreamful Holiday campaign based on the video concept from LANEIGE's headquarters titled "Here's how a holiday is made". The video was produced to promote the new LANEIGE Dream Bubble Holiday Collection.

"Drawing inspiration from the 'dreamful holiday' concept, we conceptualised this fun travel personality quiz for LANEIGE to engage with their customers and help them find out what is their perfect holiday along with some beauty tips," Lim said.