La French Tech appoints Hoffman to manage PR and communication

Business France has appointed the Hoffman Agency to provide strategic communications and PR support in promoting its economic development entity, La French Tech brand, in North America and Asia.

The agency will be tasked with covering a full slate of programs, including media relations, social media, thought leadership and event support, to further promote France’s technology ecosystem throughout North America and Asia with their global team of resources.

Locally based Hoffman teams in high tech spots like Silicon Valley and Shanghai will work with the agency’s European global coordination team to ensure consistency and scalability of communications strategies, the agency said in a press release.

"We all tend to associate France with goods like wine, cheese, fashion and luxury products, but the tech industry in France is fast becoming a force in the world when it comes to invention,” said Lou Hoffman, founder and CEO of The Hoffman Agency. "Perception hasn’t kept up with the reality of what’s taking place in France, which cuts to the core of our assignment, to get the word out."

Julie Cannesan, promotion and communication director at Business France, added the agency would provide the brand with the experience, reach and credibility to tell French Tech's narrative. "We are looking forward to building on the current momentum and showcasing the vast potential of the La French Tech ecosystem."