Kotex unveils first 4 recipients of #SHECAN Fund

Kotex has four recipients of its #SHECAN fund. They are artist Nawwar Shukriah Ali, aspiring dancer Aina Amirah, leprosy researcher Atiqah Abd Rahim, and social volunteer Nur Adzratull Iffah. All four women will be awarded between RM7,000 and RM25,000.

Nawwar Shurkriah Ali, 34, will be using her funding for her first solo art exhibition which will provide a visual insight to mental health issues. Aina Amirah, 23, will hone her skills to become a professional contemporary dancer. Atiqah Abd Rahim, 25, plans to use the funds to publish a book on her findings on Hansen’s disease to highlight the struggles of former sufferers to show there is life after being cured and they too can have joy in their hearts. Nur Adzratull Iffah, 20, will use the funds to become a teaching assistant at a special needs school in Jakarta via an AIESEC Malaysia volunteer programme.

Kotex kicked off the #SHECAN Fund in October 2018 with an annual commitment of RM100,000 to inspire more young women and girls to make strides in areas where women are currently underrepresented, from arts to education, to entrepreneurship and beyond. According to Frenissa Lagman (standing second from left), marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark, there are many Malaysian women who are “unable to take the next step towards achieving their dreams”.

She added that the Kotex #SHECAN Fund was set up “to support and motivate” these women and to ensure they have the “same opportunities”. The Kotex #SHECAN movement has been driving societal change globally to help young women challenge outdated perceptions and misconceptions around period myths and worries by defying gender stereotypes.

“We are confident that women are built for incredible things and these four individuals are just the start. We hope to inspire many more women across Malaysia,” said Lagman. Women who have faced challenges in realising their life-changing ambitions can continue to submit their entries for the Kotex #SHECAN Fund.

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