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Kotex compares sanitary pads to men

Kotex, Kimberly-Clark’s feminine care brand, has rolled out two viral video ads that show the importance of “worry-free protection that pleases the senses.”

The campaign tries to raise a question – Why is it so hard for a woman to find an attractive, gentle yet tough and reliable man?

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Shanghai (O&M), the first video “Man vs. Napkin” compares finding the perfect man who is attractive, gentle yet tough and reliable to finding the perfect fit in a sanitary napkin that also looks chic, is soft and provides ultimate security from leakage.

While it may be more challenging for a woman to find the perfect man, Kotex promises it is not as difficult to find the perfect sanitary napkin that offers all the same qualities.

The second video “Cat” compares women to cats, who are both physically sensitive by nature – especially during their periods.

The video shows how both cats and women alike need the kind of worry-free and intimate protection that Kotex products can offer. The video has already attracted 1 million views across video-sharing platforms in the first two weeks of its launch.

“O&M’s idea helped our brand stand out in the market,” said Jaja Lang, marketing director of adult and feminine Care, Kimberly-Clark.

“Our brand promise of ‘worry-free protection that pleases the senses’ really shone through in a delightful and memorable way.”

Thomas Zhu, head of copy of O&M advertising, Shanghai, said: “Feminine care advertising can be quite formulaic. The goal we set for ourselves was to communicate the product benefits while breaking free from the classic demo-driven ads in this category. We are pleased with what we have created.”

Project Title: Kotex Brand Promise Viral Campaign Client: Kimberly-Clark
Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Shanghai Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink
Head of Copy: Thomas Zhu
Creative Director: Bamboo Zhuang
Group Head: Yaya Wu
Senior copywriter: Kiddy Wang
Agency Producer: Xiaolong Wu
Media Agency: Mindshare
Production House: Shine Works Exposure: Online, pre-roll

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