Korea’s leading man Hyun Bin in Smart’s new tech campaign

Smart Communications, the Philippines’ leading telecommunications and digital services provider, has launched a new campaign anchored on simplifying technology to improve lives.

The campaign, developed by Grey Manila, establishes a new brand vision and story. Borne from the insight that life today is often run by the apps on our gadgets, the Gigalife is all about a lifestyle enhanced through technology made simple – backed by a strong network.

This idea was aptly summed up in the new corporate campaign tagline, ‘Simple. Smart Ako.’ (I’m smart). It highlights the importance of making the right choice when it comes to a network provider, especially these days where lives are powered by the speed and the strength of the chosen network.

At the center of the campaign is Korea’s leading man, Hyun Bin, whose drama serials are among the most-watched on the Smart service, Giga Video.

The video was launched on TV as well as on social media, where it has racked up almost 2.4 million views and counting.

Getting this done in the midst of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown would have been impossible without technology. Every meeting was conducted through the Teams and Zoom platforms. It was quite a challenge, but one the team fully embraced.

Jane Basas, Smart senior vice president and head for consumer wireless business, said, “Digital technology made this happen. We were all monitoring and coordinating the actual shoot in Korea remotely from our homes in Metro Manila. The whole team, including our agency Grey Manila, the production team-Plan B, and Unitel Straight Shooters, were giving comments and directions in real time.”

With Gigalife, getting and staying connected with family, friends, and colleagues is now remarkedly easier, faster, and simpler. The same goes for accessing apps that have become vital means of information, entertainment, and used even for banking and payment activities.

“We’re proud to be part of a campaign that is relevant to the lives of the Filipinos,” Grey Manila CEO John Lucas shared. “Connection that is easily accessible, stable, and strong is even more important in these challenging times. And the brand’s ‘Simple. Smart Ako’ (I ‘m Smart) campaign perfectly captures that.”