Komli launches mobile solutions

Komli, APAC’s leading digital media network, launched Komli Mobile, its mobile advertising network in the region.

Through the new service, Komli Mobile will work with agencies and brands in providing mobile ad solutions to better reach target audiences via mobile marketing.

Amit Bhartiya, VP and GM of Komli Mobile, said the introduction of the service comes on the back of its vast usage in the country today.

“Brands here are already starting to find that their audiences are mostly engaged on their mobile phones when it comes to the internet and here is our opportunity,” said Bhartiya.

He added, however, there is difficulty in converting web campaigns into a mobile campaign.

“Logistics are an issue, flash doesn’t work on iPads, banner sizes are different, execution on a five inch screen is different from a 14 inch screen and so on. So the experience needs to be relevantly customised for a mobile phone,” he said.

Komli Mobile recently launched its service first in Singapore, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

While the service was already available in India eight to nine months ago, Bhartiya said it’s purely a tactical reason as to why it was just brought into the country.

“We wanted to make sure we have the right kind of solutions and to be able to ease out the logistics process, especially for first-time brands in taking them on mobile,” he said.

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