Kohler APAC Marketing Rep: Music is an ideal tool to connect brands and customers

Music is a great companion for creative industry practitioners. Whether they need to hit a deadline or relax at home, they can resort to various genres of music to help create or disconnect themselves from the world. Marketing magazine is working with JOOX to invite creative industry practitioners to talk about their music consumption habits, and how to better leverage music in marketing.

In our ninth interview for the Marketers’ Music Mind series, we talk to Cynthia Yuen, associate director – brand, marcom and trade marketing, Asia Pacific, Kohler Asia Pacific.

Music is an integral part of our daily lives. It is also the key to success if we need to enhance the ambience in a retail store. 

There are some obvious advantages of using music in a store. For example, it can build the right atmosphere, encourage people to shop as customers tend to spend more on an impulse buy when pleasant music is playing and increase productivity. 

However, music can also create and differentiate a brand. By creating a dedicated music series, brands can easily stand out from their competitors and customers would associate the music with a brand. 

Asked if she can name a brand using good music, Yuen says, “The theme song of DON DON DONKI. It is very successful as it ‘brainwashes’ customers when they visit the stores.”

However, brands can afford to try if they have a platform with almost uncountable choices. 

Currently, JOOX provides more than 30 million songs in its music library from all over the world, connecting audiences to a huge collection of artists and songs in different genres, from local music, to K-Pop and international content. Such variety is a piece of good news to marketers as they can pick the right music for campaigns. 
joox huge collection of artists and songsYuen says music streaming platforms can identify user behaviours and hobbies. With this feature, platforms can collaborate with brands to perform precise targeting, helping brands find out potential customers. Apart from making use of AI, JOOX also employs strong local editorial teams to stay in touch with the local music scenes and present new trends to users first.

Apart from leveraging music in marketing, Yuen is also a fan of music personally. Marketing invites interviewees of the Marketers’ Music Mind series to name their favourite music artists, and Yuen’s choices are common among Hongkongers. 

“I am a fan of Ariana Grande and Coldplay. Avicii is also my favourite artist,” she tells. “As for Hong Kong-based singers, I like Eason Chan too.”

These choices go with Yuen's favourite types of music. Unsurprisingly, she loves pop music and electronic dance music given her favourite singers. Jazz is another type of music she likes, and she could spend three to four hours per day listening to music. 

As a leading music streaming platform, JOOX offers a huge selection of songs and extra entertainment content to users. Amid the pandemic, the music platform understood that people may need to spend more time at home due to social distancing measures, and thus tried to go the extra mile in creating more entertainment content and updating its features, dedicated to meet users’ demands.

For example, JOOX launched the JOOX podcast feature in Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong, which offers a wide variety of topics ranging from artist-sharing, music reviews and language learning to entertainment content such as daily horoscopes or horror and love stories. The platform also enhanced its karaoke offerings, having introduced the Quick Sing feature that has pre-selected each song’s chorus parts, allowing users to focus on the songs’ most exciting sections in their videos and showcase their creative dance moves along with their favourite tunes. JOOX also provided concerts and programmes curated for audiences to enjoy during staycations.

Apart from the offerings mentioned above, various campaigns were also launched to support original music ideas across different markets such as JOOX Originals – a series of music crossover projects in support of the local music industry. All of these have contributed to JOOX’s word-of-mouth as an easy, all-in-one advertising hub, providing unmatched access to consumers around the region. It is exciting to see what more JOOX has in store to maintain its leadership in the music streaming industry in 2021.

For each one of our Marketers' Music Mind features, Marketing is collaborating with JOOX to produce a bespoke [playlist] based on our interviewee’s answers for our readers. Scan the QR code to see what we made and enjoy!

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