Klook and Lalamove offer food delivery to support Hong Kong's struggling F&B

Klook and Lalamove have worked together to launch a Hong Kong food delivery service to support the city's embattled F&B industry.

The "A Guide to the Best Meal” initiative is a cross-district food delivery service, wherein customers can order preferred favourite dishes through Klook’s website or mobile app and arrange a delivery time on Lalamove’s website or mobile app. Currently, six restaurants are involved in the initiative, offering Chinese and Western cuisines. 

“We have been closely working with many F&B partners and understand their recent struggles. With this initiative with Lalamove, we aim to provide more accessible and exclusive dining options for people in Hong Kong, and (more) importantly, support our local F&B partners to overcome this challenging market situation," said Percy Kwan, Hong Kong marketing director of Klook.

In addition to the food delivery service, Klook has also introduced a “Grab n GO” service in collaboration with a number of restaurants. Until 31 May, customers can pick up takeaways at a restaurant with an order number after placing orders on Klook’s website or app.

"We are now exploring more F&B experiences and looking into leisure activities, to diversify our activities spectrum and bring the most fantastic experiences to our customers,” Kwan commented.

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