KKday puts its brand high up at 35,000 feet

Travel e-commerce platform KKday has launched its branding campaign that takes to the sky and the streets with in-flight displays on mixed destinations of HK Express aircraft, and taxis on the ground.

KKday's creative campaign features catchy slogans that resonate with travellers thirsting for authentic local experiences.

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Partnering with POAD, the media planning places the catchy slogans from overhead compartment displays and seatback displays dominating the interior of an HK Express A320 aircraft to a fleet of 50 taxis covered in 4-door displays.

Lavigne Fong, regional manager, Hong Kong & Macau of KKday said the strategy allows this marketing campaign exposure from ground to sky and Hong Kong to the wider Asia Pacific region. "We are thrilled to witness our brand image being showcased to our target audience from around the world via HK Express."