KitKat offers viewers 'absolutely nothing' for Christmas

When Christmas tree and snowflake decorations dominate every shopping mall and street corner, or your Instagram feed becomes cluttered with advent calendars, you know that it’s time to start prepping for the holidays.

But KitKat tries to keep it simple this season by launching a blank TVC. Literally, there are no images, no logo, not title, no description, nothing.


Teaming up with J. Walter Thompson London, the "absolutely nothing" ad, which has debuted on TV in the UK, shows 30 seconds of blank white screen with just a male voiceover.

"Ah... Welcome to nothing," a voiceover tells viewers at the beginning.

"Nobody suggesting gifts to buy or watching pretend families gathered around the Christmas table. No re-recorded sentimental songs or people dancing around supermarkets in silly Santa hats. None of that... Just absolutely nothing. Not a jingly bell, snowflake or celebrity selling frozen turkeys in sight. Nice for a change isn't it?"

Still, it does manage to squeeze in one little brand push though - "have a break, have a KitKat", which of course fits in perfectly with the Nestle-owned brand's classic "have a break" tagline.

Indeed, we are surrounded by too many visuals and quickly get bored of them, this ad stands out among other Christmas commercials because it gives viewers a break from the hustle and bustle of the festive season.