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Kino-mo and People n Rich partner to unveil new visual solution in MY

British technology company Kino-mo has partnered with Malaysia-based integrated media agency People n Rich Holdings to launch its Hypervsn solution in Malaysia. Kino-mo’s Hypervsn will be marketed through Velocity Outdoor Asia, the out-of-home (OOH) media specialist and subsidiary of People n Rich.

Hypervsn offers clients with a comprehensive media planning solution for creating, displaying and managing unique 3D content. The solution uses a hi-tech projection unit and a proprietary management platform allowing 3D videos to float mid-air and be perceived as holograms. Hypervsn units, which are sound-enabled, can be connected wirelessly and managed remotely from a single location.

A+M has reached out to People n Rich for comment.

“Our aim is to help businesses make the most of visual advertising, apply pin-point targeting and break the mould with the cutting-edge Hypervsn solution. We are extremely thrilled to finally see Hypervsn reaching consumers in Malaysia,” Vadzim Tsitou, Southeast Asia partner for Kino-mo, said.

“The Malaysian market is ripe for its acceptance of technological advancements and new solutions. Kino-mo offers an exciting new dimension in the ad-tech space. We are proud to announce our partnership as we evolve in to the future with innovation as a pillar of our focus,” Tanya Steven, director of People n Rich, said.

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