Kinmemai campaign looks to connect with locals' universal love for rice

Rice brand Kinmemai has launched a new campaign celebrating unity and diversity in Singapore through food. Titled "#KinmemaiwithLove", the campaign aims to reflect the brand’s efforts in celebrating Racial Harmony Day by focusing on Singaporeans’ universal love for rice.

The video series showcases the brand rewarding groups of families and friends who exemplify Singapore’s multiracial identity. This is with a home cooked meal by renowned local chef Sarah Benjamin Huang. In the spot, Huang is seen preparing a dish with the Kinmemai Better White Rice to help a local impress her Filipino friend for Racial Harmony Day.

Since its posting, the video has garnered over 44k views, 142 reactions, 30 shares and 53 comments at the time of writing. The campaign is also calling for members of the public to engage in the campaign by sharing what racial harmony means to them. This will see the top three favourite entrants winning a 1kg bag of Kinmemai rice.

In a statement, Chikako Yamawaki, head of global business development, Toyo Rice Corporation described the series as a "love project" for the brand.

“Having successfully launched our brand in Singapore last year, we want to celebrate by paying homage to the country’s spirit; a welcoming society where each race is encouraged to preserve its unique culture and traditions,” Yamawaki added.