Kingsmen appoints ZOO Group for launch of world's first NERF playground

Kingsmen Ventures has appointed ZOO Group, together with Media360 Communications and SG Story, to lead the integrated launch campaign for the world’s first NERF indoor play arena, NERF Action Xperience.

The iconic Hasbro product will be opening its first NERF experiential centre in Singapore in the fourth quarter of 2019. Located in Marina Square, this centre will provide a place for families to come together and engage in activities that promote active play, enrichment, team-building, skill-testing, and creativity.

Sarah Fang, brand manager of Kingsmen Ventures said that it is “delighted” to collaborate with a “promising partner” such as ZOO Group for the launch, and is looking forward to working with the agency more as Kingsmen “grows and maximises the NERF Action Xperience brand within Asia Pacific”.

Roderick Lim, senior account manager of ZOO Group, said that this partnership is a “testament to the sound thinking and strategy the team has developed” and ZOO Group is “elated” to be entrusted with the launch of this “one-of-a-kind family entertainment centre”.

ZOO Group’s creative group head, Priscilla Fajardo, added that “this is a noteworthy win” for the agency and it is “thrilled to create a campaign that will bring new and exciting experiences for young, old and those in between”.

Desh Balakrishan, CEO of Media360 Communications commented that the NERF Action Xperience is a “world-class family fun” and Media360 Communications looks forward to making it a success “with its expertise in reaching out to one and all” to ensure the audience is engaged with the launch.

Aaron Kong, partner and director of SG Story added: “We are excited to work with a brand that’s a part of many happy childhood memories, and we look forward to adding more joy to kids and the young at heart. It’s always a positive experience working for brands that you are fans of. This will be a good campaign for the team, and one that we are delighted to be working with our partners to bring to great heights.”